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Q:  Do I have to have a land-line telephone to have IPTV?

A:  Yes. Customer who live in Springview, Naper, Johnstown, Verdel, and Lynch have to have a land-line phone.

Q:  What does an installation require to receive IPTV?

A:  Each TV will need to have a STB (Set Top Box) OR a DVR (Digital Video Reorder)to receive the signal.  The signal is Fiber Fed (to the home with Fiber to the home), to the ONT on the outside of your house.  Once the signal is inside the house, there are 2 options of wiring. The signal comes over the cable lines in O’Neill, Ainsworth, & Valentine.

Q:  Can we keep our existing wiring?

A:  No.  The fiber to the home customers,we will be rewiring the house with Ethernet Jacks at each TV, or we can run the house with a wireless device.

A:  Yes.  Current cable customer converting to IPTV can use the existing wiring.