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Three River is proud to offer high speed, low cost, broadband services to you.  You will experience quick speeds, thus saving time and gaining productivity.  For the best broadband experience,  think about all the devices and Internet activities in your house used in a typical day. They probably add up to a lot more total broadband usage than you imagine. Email and basic internet surfing typically uses the least amount of bandwidth.  If you are experiencing annoying slowdowns such as video buffering your speed may no longer be adequate, you may need to upgrade your Internet speed. To stream TV shows or movies over the Internet, you will need at least 4Mbps of Internet available to that device, to avoid buffering.  The amount of Internet speed that is provided to your home is spilt to the total number of devices using the connection.

To calculate how much Internet speed you need, answer a few questions.

  1. How many people (users) live in the home?
  2. How many devices does each user have?
    • I-pad, tablets, laptops, desktops, game consoles, smart tv, smart phone,
  3. How many permanent devices in the home connect to Internet?
    • Printers, thermostat, security system, surveillance system, door bell camera, Wi-Fi garage door, Wi-Fi door locks
  4. How many devices may be connecting or used at the same time?
  5. How will you be using your Internet on these devices?


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The world is at your fingertips.  We can sell and install routers to provide you with strong & secure Wi-Fi signal. Call your local office or 866-569-2666 now for pricing or to increase your Internet speed.  A Three River customer representative can help you determine if you are a Breeze, Storm, & Tornado Internet user to help you have the best Internet experience.

To optimize your Internet speed, regularly run virus scans, close Internet browsers, clear cookies, and turn off devices you’re not using.  We also provide computer clean up and repair if the problem still persists.


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