What is Plume?

Plume Adaptive WiFi continually adjusts to your home internet usage and activity to deliver in-home performance beyond the capabilities of standard WiFi systems — all intelligently managed from the cloud. We put that information in your hands using an app so you can have faster, more efficient WiFi unique to your needs.

AI Security

Plume filters out suspicious content as your device connects to the Internet, providing you with real-time threat protection against crypto-mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, phishing attacks and more. Plume identifies all your connected devices and continuously monitors them for suspicious activity. If a device is compromised, Plume quarantines the device, preventing the threat from spreading to the rest of your connected devices.

Parental Controls

Make the Internet a safer place by managing the type of content that each device or profile can access. Additionally, approve or block specific websites per device or profile to keep your family safe.

Getting smarter all the time

Unlike other mesh network systems, Plume continuously learns about your Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimizations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most. And it gets better each day!

Manage your network like a pro

As people and devices come and go in your house, Plume lets you see which devices are accessing the Internet and how much they’re uploading or downloading. You can block and unblock specific devices from accessing the Internet.

Plume Adaptive Wifi can be added to any Three River internet plan for as little as $6.95 per month. The price includes the equipment lease for one Plume SuperPod and access to the Plume app.

Wi-Fi that knows the whole family

Who’s playing games? Watching TV? Streaming music? With the ability to keep track of which devices are on your network and how people are using them, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind at home.